Rose Alleyson

At 8, she won her first singer contest. !
Since she was born , music and theatre are her family and she had the music in her skin…
She began by the classical music and sing the opera during five years.
Then she turn her eyes to another music which is more her reality : the rhythm and blues.
Since she was young, these American accents, what is related in these
songs talk directly to her heart....
Her culture, her passions are in the USA , her big red motorbike is a shinning chrome machine
and many travels in America confirmed her this attractionWith friends , she created and coach a band “Miss Sunny Moon” during seven yearsAt the time of one of these travels in the USA
she met the Country Music , a night in a Memphis Tennessee Bar. A friends of her in Memphis
permitted her to encounter the line dancers too. This Saturday night she understood that the
only one music she wanted to play was this one !
When she came back in France, she sang with several bands.
What interest her in music ?
Communicate her love for the Country Music Give, give and give again ….
her dynamism, her good temper and , at last, going share with people…so that every one,
musicians and public, can go back at home with stars in their eyes.